Abortion and Other Evils On Non-Christians

Is Christianity Homophobic?

I would give as an answer a firm “no”. We are called to love all those whom God puts into our lives, regardless of their orientation.🐷 For those of you who have read my post, Father James Martin Argues Scripture Sanctions Slavery, you might know that I do not approve of priests who support same-sex marriage. What I assume some people would have thought as they read it “What a homophobic Catholic!” If we are defining homophobia as the hatred of people with same-sex attraction, I must object.

Most people, I think, do not really understand what love is. They seem to sometimes use it as synonymous with acceptance. In other words, people sometimes seem to speak of it as if love involves allowing one’s neighbor do whatever he wants. I doubt people would say the same of a serial killer. “God says we must love all, serial killer or no. Therefore, we must let him go on serial killing. Hopefully he won’t kill any of my friends.” What is wrong with this? If I see my friend murdering people, I will want to stop him, not only for the sake of the safety of those whom he is killing, but also because I love him and I know that murder will ruin both mind and soul and because I would wish to save him from the wrath of God.

I suppose few people can relate to their friends being serial killers. In fact, I cannot either. Let us consider more likely examples. Imagine a four-year-old who is climbing into an oven. Would not his mother tear the child out because she loves him and what he wants to do is dangerous? Again, if my friend is about to drink poison, although he wants to consume it, do I not try to stop him because I love him?

Now I make my claim. Homosexuality is indeed a sin. By homosexuality, I do not mean it as synonymous with same-sex attraction, but rather action upon such an attraction. That is the sin. If I love someone, I do not want him to sin, because by sinning, he or she endangers his or her immortal soul. I do, however, think that homosexual inclinations are intrinsically disordered,🐮 but more broadly speaking, we are all intrinsically disordered. We are called to follow God, but we have the inclination to sin.🐼

If anyone reading this has same-sex attraction, therefore, you have my upmost sympathy. Although I do not have those inclinations myself, I know what it is like to know what is right yet be inclined to do the other thing, whether it be by lust or pride or wrath or by any other vice. But with God’s help, you can overcome it. Come to our Lord. He was also tempted, but did not sin. Come to His mother. Ask St. Maria Goretti or St. Agnes of Rome, two patron saints of purity, for intercession. With God’s help, you can conquer this cross. We can all be soldiers for Christ. We can all be Catholics of Honor.

Bonum Certamen Certemus

I am the Catholic of Honor


🐷Catechism of the Catholic Church ¶1822-3

🐮Catechism of the Catholic Church ¶2358

🐼Catechism of the Catholic Church ¶403, 405

By The Chivalric Catholic

Hello, I am the Chivalric Catholic or the Catholic of Honor. I conform all my beliefs to the Magisterium founded by Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. The short explanation of who I am is a teenager with nostalgia for the Middle Ages. I have a love for apologetics, honor, and literature (especially adventures). I believe it is important and honorable to respect my opponents in this. If anything I write is contrary to the Faith (after all, I have no degrees) please write to me and inform me.

One reply on “Is Christianity Homophobic?”

Yes. Hate the sin but love the sinner – but not to the extent of feigning acceptance as to avoid giving offense or being frowned upon.

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