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Are Pregnant Women Organ Donors?

So why do I spend so much time on abortion? After all, I am running an apologetics blog. Well, I set out to defend Jesus Christ and His Church which by necessity entails defending the lives of the weak and vulnerable, which is especially important when so many people in society do not care about […]

Benedict’s Unreasonability In the Beneplenist Worldview

What I mean by beneplenism (also known as benevacantism) is the belief that Benedict XVI is still the valid Pope who holds the keys of St. Peter, making Francis an antipope. I honestly sympathize with the beneplenist position, as I do indeed wish that Benedict XVI were still Pope rather than Francis. However, I find […]

Is St. Michael God?

Were you aware that whenever you search on Google on the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) stance on Michael, a number of very straw arguments (written mainly by Protestants) come up suggesting that the SDA are unclear concerning or outright deny the divinity of Christ? The SDA, unlike the Jehovah’s Witnesses, believe Jesus is the Divine […]

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Agreed. The Bible doesn’t condone or endorse slavery. St. Paul wasn’t a political and social activist but a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Fr. Martin is committing a logical fallacy by arguing from silence. The apostle may not have voiced his views on slavery but nonetheless condemned it personally. Fr. Martin is the Devil’s advocate which is obvious by the fact he makes fallacious statements. Satan is always exposed as the liar that he is at some point in his schemes to ruin souls. Stirring confusion among Catholics is one of his main tactics. The Third Secret of Fatima, though unrevealed, appears to be playing itself out this moment.

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