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Are All Pro-Lifers Men?

Pro-lifers, particularly male pro-lifers, get this objection all the time. Generally it goes like this: “You are a man. Fie on you for speaking about abortion. It behooves you not to even have an opinion!” Some people seem to think that since men cannot get pregnant, they are not allowed to have an opinion about […]

Was Augustine a Protestant?

I read St. Augustine’s work, On Grace and Free Will some time ago. I meant to write a post on it, but never got around to it. I am bringing this up because it is frequently claimed by the Reformed camp that Augustine taught Justification by Faith Alone and double predestination. Concerning double predestination, all […]

A Biblical Defense of the Baptism of Infants

Fundamentalists and evangelicals have been known to object to the Catholic Church’s teaching on baptism of infants. They usually claim that one should not be baptized until he can choose for himself to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. This is partially because, unlike Catholics (and some more mainline Protestants), to them baptism is […]

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Agreed. The Bible doesn’t condone or endorse slavery. St. Paul wasn’t a political and social activist but a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Fr. Martin is committing a logical fallacy by arguing from silence. The apostle may not have voiced his views on slavery but nonetheless condemned it personally. Fr. Martin is the Devil’s advocate which is obvious by the fact he makes fallacious statements. Satan is always exposed as the liar that he is at some point in his schemes to ruin souls. Stirring confusion among Catholics is one of his main tactics. The Third Secret of Fatima, though unrevealed, appears to be playing itself out this moment.

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