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A Biblical Defense of the Primacy of Peter Part 1

This is the Catholic of Honor weighing in again—this time on what is probably the most defining doctrine of the Catholic faith—which is the papacy. I meant to write this all as one post, but it got rather long so I thought: “Why not split it?” This is exactly what I did. The First Vatican […]

Assurance of Salvation?

I once wasted eighty-eight minutes of my life on a film called Heaven Bound. I say “wasted” because although it was a Christian movie, it did not seem to have much depth. I like comedies, but humor ought to help, not hinder, how much we cared about the characters’ spiritual journey. It was far too […]

In Defense of Filioque

By Filioque, I mean the Catholic doctrine that the Holy Spirit proceeds not from the Father alone but from the Son as well. Although this may seem trivial to some of our less theologically bent Protestant relatives (and, I am sure, will be a source of mockery for many less than polite non-Christians), it was […]

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Agreed. The Bible doesn’t condone or endorse slavery. St. Paul wasn’t a political and social activist but a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Fr. Martin is committing a logical fallacy by arguing from silence. The apostle may not have voiced his views on slavery but nonetheless condemned it personally. Fr. Martin is the Devil’s advocate which is obvious by the fact he makes fallacious statements. Satan is always exposed as the liar that he is at some point in his schemes to ruin souls. Stirring confusion among Catholics is one of his main tactics. The Third Secret of Fatima, though unrevealed, appears to be playing itself out this moment.

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