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A Patristic Defense of the Primacy of Rome

I now propose to write on the Primacy of Rome in regards to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Now the Orthodox would generally accept Peter to be chief of the apostles, but such authority was not handed on to his successors. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus gave Peter both the keys to the kingdom and the authority […]

A Biblical Defense of Traditional Marriage

The following is a post which I have been hoping to write for some time. This is about homosexuality. I propose to defend the traditional viewpoint that it is immoral from Scripture and that a marriage is specifically between one man and one woman. Before you ask, I am not writing on James Martin. I […]

The Dispensatrix in Scripture

Second to her role as Co-Redemptrix, our Lady’s title as “Mediatrix of Graces” or “Dispensatrix of Graces” is probably the most attacked in the Protestant world. Following I will defend it from Scripture. But first let us understand what it means. This is what St. Louis de Montfort had to say about the doctrine: “To […]

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Agreed. The Bible doesn’t condone or endorse slavery. St. Paul wasn’t a political and social activist but a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Fr. Martin is committing a logical fallacy by arguing from silence. The apostle may not have voiced his views on slavery but nonetheless condemned it personally. Fr. Martin is the Devil’s advocate which is obvious by the fact he makes fallacious statements. Satan is always exposed as the liar that he is at some point in his schemes to ruin souls. Stirring confusion among Catholics is one of his main tactics. The Third Secret of Fatima, though unrevealed, appears to be playing itself out this moment.

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