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That Time JK! Studios Decided to Mock Catholicism

Yes… I am doing this. Believe it or not, I used to like these people—back when they were actually funny… once upon a time.  Studio C is an American sketch comedy television show created by Matt Meese and Jared Shores, produced by Brigham Young University Television or BYU TV, and it was good, in my…

Celebrate the Month!

Hello! It is June, which, according to the Catholic liturgical calendar, is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which symbolizes our Blessed Lord’s love for humanity. As we know, Jesus Christ has a human heart by virtue of becoming man. The Sacred Heart of Jesus denotes the entire mystery of Christ Jesus, as…

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Agreed. The Bible doesn’t condone or endorse slavery. St. Paul wasn’t a political and social activist but a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Fr. Martin is committing a logical fallacy by arguing from silence. The apostle may not have voiced his views on slavery but nonetheless condemned it personally. Fr. Martin is the Devil’s advocate which is obvious by the fact he makes fallacious statements. Satan is always exposed as the liar that he is at some point in his schemes to ruin souls. Stirring confusion among Catholics is one of his main tactics. The Third Secret of Fatima, though unrevealed, appears to be playing itself out this moment.

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